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Accelerating your AI and data science solutions

At Eghed, we believe that the most exciting tech innovations are hatched at the intersection of human intuition and artificial intelligence. We're a quirky bunch of data geeks, cracking codes and designing AI solutions with a human touch for problems that are not possible to solve in conventional ways.

We focus on empathy, understanding, and collaboration to transform raw data into insightful, value-creating solutions. Ready to explore AI with us? Book a meeting today, and let's co-create something eg-ceptional!

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Say 'hello' to our dynamic crew of experienced Data Science and Machine Learning experts. They're not just wizards at cracking code, but also ace at blending human-centered design into everything they do. This powerful combo means we dive deep into the techy stuff, while always keeping it real and relatable for everyone.

And guess what? Our family is growing! We're always on the lookout for brilliant minds ready to hatch innovative ideas and navigate the exciting data landscape. So, if you're into making a meaningful impact in a fun, inclusive environment, you might just be the next eghed we're waiting for!

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Bored with the ordinary? So are we. At eghed, we prefer a pinch of creativity with our coding coffee. We believe that unique problems require unique solutions. So, whether it's about decoding a complex data structure or building a cutting-edge machine learning model, we're always ready to scramble things up and hatch out-of-the-shell ideas!

Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Architecture, Machine Vision, ML Engineering, ML/DataOps; you name it, we ace it. Our specialist team is a roost of brainy folks who love a good challenge. Be it cracking code, conjuring algorithms, or creating ML models, we eg-cel at it all. We turn data chaos into a perfectly poached solution, ready for you to savor.



Our workshops and inspiration talks are a mix of knowledge and entertainment, served sunny-side up! Step into our tech kitchen, book a seat at the table, and let's scramble some fresh ideas together! Click on each to learn more.

Workshop 1 - ignite

1. Ignite: Spark Your Data Journey

Ignite your data potential with tailor-made, inspiring talks designed to kickstart your journey towards a more data-driven organization. Each lecture is custom-crafted to resonate with your needs and organizational culture. Post this stage, you'll find your company fueled with a newfound positivity and readiness to embrace the data revolution. Read more -›

Workshop 2 – Navigate

2. Navigate: Chart Your Data Course

Ready to set sail but need to chart the course? Our 'Navigate' workshops are just what you need. These interactive sessions will help pinpoint your direction in the vast sea of data opportunities. The result? A well-navigated map of value-creating activities, prioritized and ready for execution. Read more -›

Workshop 3 – Launch

3. Launch: Set Your Data In Motion

Stand on the brink of innovation, ready for lift-off but need a final system check? Our 'Launch' service is designed to answer your pre-launch queries. Be it a looming decision that needs unraveling or an innovative solution requiring a proof-of-concept, we're here to guide you. With Eghed, you're never alone in your launchpad. We ensure a smooth lift-off for your data journey. Read more -›

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Your AI journey begins with a single 'hello'. Whether you're a curious mind, a potential partner, or a business ready for transformation, we're here to chat. Let's connect and start cracking on some human-centric AI solutions. Don't be shy, drop us a line!

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